Florida Man Guilty of $1 Million in Credit Card Fraud

Maikel Soto, 29, will be charged with credit card fraud by federal officials. Soto used gift cards from Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club to purchase items, all in all totalling over $450,000. The gift cards were bought using stolen credit card numbers, and counterfeit ones as well. Topping over $550,000 in bills from two separate credit card companies, Soto took the money and deposited into into private bank accounts. The fraudulent activities primarily took place between October 2006 and April 2007, says the US Attorney of the Southern District of Florida.

A white collar offense can also lead to civil lawsuits filed by the government or the persons who were allegedly victimized by the crime. Unlike in a criminal case, the accused in a civil lawsuit does not have the right to remain silent, and they may be obligated to testify at their own trial. An attorney will not be appointed for them if they cannot afford one on their own.

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