Florida Man Deposits Drugs Into His Bank Account

Cameron Jefferson, 38, was arrested for possession of cocaine and cannabis in Tallahassee. While he was at the drive-thru teller window of a bank, he decided it would be a clever idea to throw in some drugs with the $200 dollar deposit. Needless to say, his prank wasn’t taken lightly and officials were called in immediately. Further investigation of Jefferson’s car led to the discovery of three marijuana cigarettes. $3000 in bail was posted by Jefferson after his arrest.

Cocaine possession of any amount is always going to be a felony. Marijuana can range from a misdemeanor to a felony, depending on the amount. Sometimes a small fine will be cited to the offender and handled just like a speeding ticket. The amount was not totally specified in the article, but given the cost of the bond the amount of drugs was most likely not too large. Jefferson was arrested for possession, but a variety of other charges may come about from a drug-related incident. Some of these charges may be cultivation/growth of a narcotic, delivery of illegal drugs, fraudulent sale or possession of a prescription drug, or possession of drugs with intent to sell.

Heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and illegal prescription pills carry hefty criminal penalties that everyone should be aware of. If you have been arrested for any sort of drug possession, trafficking, or other illegal activity, be sure to contact a criminal lawyer in your area immediately. South Florida criminal lawyer Ralph Behr has more than 30 years of experience in criminal law. Know who you are hiring and know your lawyer. Free consultations are available by appointment at his Fort Lauderdale law office.

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