Florida Inmate Used as Corrections Officers’ In-House Weapon

Prison Sgt. Obe D. L’Bert, 30, Officer Cordell J. White, 22, and Officer Christopher W. Bonnet, 21, were all charged in the mistreatment and coercive use of inmate Larry “Monster” Williams. Williams was “hired” by the men to beat up uncooperative inmates at the Dade Correctional Institution. All officers were charged with conspiracy and civil rights violations of an inmate. Williams was originally incarcerated for possession of cocaine in January 2007. The department head at the institution has called the alleged violations “unconscionable.” In one incident, an inmate identified by the moniker D.T. was attacked by “Monster” while two of the officers charged with the crimes were waiting outside. Florida Corrections Secretary Walter A. McNeil has shown dismay over the conduct of his officers and made a release saying, “Our mission is to ensure not only public safety, but the safety and well-being of inmates.”

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