Florida Death Row Inmate May Be Executed

John Richard Marek, 47, will likely go on with his scheduled execution in Tallahassee. Marek was charged with the kidnapping, rape and murder of a Broward County woman in 1983. The original execution slated for May 13 was delayed by the court to allow Marek’s defense counsel to argue that he was not the actual killer, but his accomplice was. Six witnesses were brought in to the appeal as new testimony, according to Marek’s lawyer. The six witnesses were also in prison with Raymond Wigley, the new accused murderer. Justices overseeing the appeal reviewed the case and denied it with a unanimous decision. ‘Given the inconsistencies in Wigley’s statements and the strong inference that the statements constituted prison `tough talk’ and were calculated by Wigley to obtain some advantage for himself, the probative value of the testimony recounting Wigley’s statements is negligible,” wrote the justices. Both Marek and Wigley were convicted of first-degree murder yet Marek was the only one of the two sentenced to death.

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