Florida Cocaine Trafficker Breaks Probation

Alexis Arocha of Miami-Dade county has recently been sentenced to 55 months in prison in response to violation of probation in his 3 year probation deal. What a trade, from a 3 year probation in the outside world to a 4 year prison term in the penitentiary. Arocha had been originally sentenced to 2 years of community control as well as 3 years of probation following a cocaine trafficking conviction and marijuana possession. Not more than 3 months into his probation, Arocha broke his terms of probation while he fled the county and was busted on drug charges in Miami-Dade county soon after.

Cocaine possession, cocaine delivery, cocaine trafficking, in fact all criminal cases filed in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and throughout the state of Florida in which the state seeks criminal sanction for possession of controlled substances begins with a study of Florida statute 893. Statute begins by defining the important words and phrases used in this chapter. In a prosecution for possession of cocaine or possession of any other controlled substance begins with an indictment, which is called prosecutor information, under this statute.

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