Federal and Florida State Immigration Laws Seeked

On the national forefront of news, family immigration is being fixed by US lawmakers as a source of dishevelment in a currently creaky system. Representatives claim that families have been split apart for years by visa issues for immigrants based on backlogging. “The benefits cannot be overstated,” Honda said. “American workers with families by their side are happier, healthier and more able to succeed than those distanced from loved ones for years on end.” Family reunification

is being looked at as the primary target by the legislation currently lined up and set for Senate approval. The legislation would further go and allow Americans to bring same-sex partners into the country as “family members.” Opposition to this provision has been made by pro-life organizations.

“There has always been somebody … after they got here, then they wanted to close the door,” Abercrombie told reporters. Neil Abercrombie, Hawaiian Democratic congressman, is one of the leaders in the increasingly liberal government voice. President Barack Obama has been keen on the issue of immigration reform and is said to have his own package coming up to public scrutiny in the next few weeks.

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