Extradition concerns laws and treaties used to transfer criminal suspects from one sovereign nation to another for prosecution. This is not to be confused with removal proceedings by the Homeland Security Department whereby people are deported from United States because of a criminal history. Extradition is also a concern when a person is wanted by another state for prosecution. By way of example, someone who was charged in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, South Florida with a drug trafficking or drug possession charge may be found in another state. When an individual is arrested in another state and being held for transport to Florida this process is called intrastate extradition. United States Constitution and the full faith and credit clause as well as agreements between states, called intrastate compacts, come into play in this situation. A criminal suspect can also be transferred from one county to another. When Palm Beach issues a warrant for the arrest of someone charged with murder or probation violation that individual may be found and held in Fort Lauderdale. At that point it is a matter for the Sheriff to arrange for the transfer of that individual from one county to another.

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