Drug Ring from Florida to Kentucky

Roughly six million Americans abuse prescription drugs, which is more than hallucinogens, cocaine, heroin, and inhalants combined. A sort of “script” madness has occurred where patients will show up in pharmacies. In mid-March, a Kentucky pharmacy was suddenly flooded with residents trying to fill Florida prescriptions for powerful painkillers like Oxycodone, Roxycodone and Percocet. “We were real surprised when we first started seeing them come in due to the fact they were all stamped with the drug name on them and you could see where the people had put all their information on there ahead of time.”

“The officer brought back the people that were involved to the office and within the hour another call from CVS pharmacy that another script was being passed from a doctor in Florida, so another officer went up there and brought those people back to the office … so we had our office full of Kentucky residents trying to pass Florida scripts.”

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