Driving Drunk In South Florida

When you say Fort Lauderdale, South Beach or The Florida Keys, you think sun-sea-sand and obviously partying all night until the next morning. As an Attorney practicing in South Florida I come across numerous cases where clients are being accused of driving under the influence. Driving under the influence as we all know can cause serious harm to yourself and anyone else on the road.

I recently visited MADD’s website while, I was researching Drunk Driving for my blogs and found lots of information pertaining to the new campaign, which I will be covering in my upcoming blogs. Statistics don’t lie and Florida in 2009 had 2,558 road fatalities due to drunk drivers we were rated 3 in the United States with California at the top with 3,081. As stated on their website, they are using visibility on the roads by local law enforcement to catch drunk drivers and with this high visibility it will also discourage from getting behind the wheel drunk; another step that they are taking is using Ignition Interlocking Devices or breathalyzers installed the car which I will cover in my following blog, and lastly using today’s technology by using the car industry to assist in protecting the driver by failing to operate if the driver if found to be impaired.

Even if people see commercials and hear ads for drinking responsibly, many people do not know when to call it quits or when they are not well enough to drive. Everyone should practice safe driving and for your safety and the safety of others, do not drive drunk.

Should you be charged with driving under the influence contact a South Florida criminal attorney to seek legal counsel so that your rights are protected and defended! Contact me know for a free consultation.

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