Deportations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach under the “Secure Communities Act”

South Florida criminal defense attorneys representing people swept up in the homeland security removal process witness horrors of epic proportion inflicted on communities and families in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Only the United States government can conceive of an oxymoron of such epic portions as a so-called secure communities act. This highly controversial immigration removal program has come under the study of the University of California in Berkeley, which recently published the results of its study of 375 detainees. Coming as no surprise, the results concluded that the secure committee program seems to be targeting those of Latino origin for removal, rather than the intended group of violent offenders. If you have a criminal history involving a felony charge you should consult with a South Florida criminal defense attorney. Recent federal cases have changed both the scope and the focus of deportation proceedings in South Florida. Start by asking what the current policies towards persons of your national origin and criminal history.

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