Columbian Cocaine Running Is In “Coffins”

Packed with cocaine and grimly christened “coffins,” sleek jungle-built submarines are steaming their way north from Colombia through Pacific waters to deliver tons of illegal drugs headed for the U.S. market. These vessels travel just below the water surface leaving a small glass cockpit or tubes visible to the world. They are the latest in shipment methods used by drug cartels in transporting large amounts of their products into the US with no detection by authorities. Sometimes three or four crewmen plus a pilot cram into the dingy, humid hulls, suffocated by the noise of a diesel engine rumbling right next to their heads. Key West has been a new target point for unloaders of these vessels and local authorities are worried.

“They call it either the coffin or the tomb,” said Rear Admiral Joseph Nimmich, the officer who commands the U.S. Coast Guard’s Joint Interagency Task Force South. “The intent is to be as low-profile, and to make it as difficult for us to find, as possible.”

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