Cars of the Future Maybe the Cure

Last but not least, part three of my DUI – DWI segment, involves the use of today’s technology in cars. With the advancement of technology moving at a rapid pace in cars, we have vehicles that are now able to park themselves, Bluetooth capability to be able to answer your phone in your car, not to mention GPS to help you find your way around, the cars in house computer calling for road side service, and should you get into an accident calling 911 if should you be unable. So in order to help the campaign against drunk driving, various agencies are coming together to devise a plan of action that can be used in cars.

The Government and the automotive industry have been testing a new technology which will deter and possibly help stop drivers from driving while under the influence. This technology is still being developed in the United States and in Europe. Some of the technology being developed will test the air directly around the driver’s seat; test the driver’s skin for alcohol levels and emissions through the skin. In a more recent article, there was an actual demonstration performed in Massachusetts with the US Secretary of Transportation in attendance, along with the head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Laura Dean Mooney, National President of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The article stated their findings and the pros and cons of this new technology.

Do your research on these recent blogs regarding drunk driving, you may find them very enlightening, and in the mean time, should you find yourself accused or charged with driving under the influence you should contact your South Florida criminal law attorney and seek legal counsel.

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