13 Years Old But Charged as an Adult in Florida

The US Supreme Court ruled this summer that it is unconstitutional for juvenile offenders to get mandatory life sentences without parole. But Cristian Fernandez, a 13 year old boy from Jacksonville, Florida, may change the way juveniles convicted of first degree murder are sentenced. Cristian Fernandez is the youngest inmate awaiting trial in Duval County, Florida and could be facing life sentence. He is being accused of first degree murder of his 2 year old brother and the sexual abuse of his 5 year old brother.
This case is generating controversies all over the country with people arguing about the right actions to be taken against Fernandez. Some are saying he should be convicted as an adult for the heinous crimes he committed in order to pay for his actions. Other believe that he has a painful past that lead him to this and that what he really needs is help, not spending his life in prison.

He is awaiting trial, and it is now up to Florida courts to decide the outcome that may possibly change the way juvenile offenders are handled in cases like this.

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