Posted On: November 21, 2010


SAY NO TO POLICE app Uses e-book functionalities to answer 150 criminal law questions
14,094,634 US Arrests but no place to go for answers to criminal law questions: until now. Using advanced functionalities this app takes users from basic questions to one paragraph answers. Created by a published US criminal lawyer (author of CAN THE POLICE LIE TO ME? 2008) this Apple/Android app has easy-read explanations of law. Apple and Android Launch is November 16, 2010. Go to www:// for info and press release.

….. Know what Cops and Judges won’t tell

Can they search you? Arrest you?
Protect yourself and know your rights with
14,094,186 Arrests last year…. Don’t become a statistic

Why you need this app….. Don’t become a statistic
• 14,000,000 Arrests in the U.S. last year
• 1 in 6 Americans will be in jail during their lifetime
• 30,000,000 Americans had “police contact” last year
• 50,000,000 traffic citations were issued to Americans last year
• You can recover from a business failure, divorce, bankruptcy….but not from a criminal record
• A criminal record effects: Job prospects – Dating - Apartment rentals - Graduate Schools - Professions
app users say:
• “Don’t waste money on lawyers… BUY THIS APP!”
 “This app will put lawyers out of work”

- The first Criminal-Law INFO-app built on Apple platform functionalities
- Written by a top criminal lawyer
- 100’s of one-sentence Question & Answers in functional-driven ‘chapters’….
“Why do I need this app?”
• Knowing what police, prosecutors and judges know can save you from a criminal problem and a lifetime of regret
• You can recover from a business failure, personal bankruptcy, a bad divorce
• A criminal history can ruin your future!
• Job prospects? Loans? Rentals? Dating? Graduate School? Professions?

“I know my Constitutional rights…….”

….But…. do you know the answers to these…..and 100’s of other questions?
• What is entrapment?
• What is obstruction?
• What is stalking?
• Should I “blow” at a DUI stop?
• Can I get a DUI on a bicycle?
• Can I buy or own a bong?
• Can I carry alcohol in my car?
• What is the law on fake ID?
• How do I say NO to the police?
• Can my boss or teacher look in my desk?
• Do I have to talk to the police?
Do the police need a warrant to arrest me?
• Can I rely on legal advice from a cop?
• Can the police lie to me about evidence and facts?
• Is my case dismissed if I’m not read my Miranda rights?

“I don’t have police problems because I’m smart” ...Wrong!
• 1 in 6 Americans will be in jail during their lifetime
• 14,000,000 Arrests in the U.S. last year
• 50,000,000 traffic citations were issued last year

“I’m OK with the Police…I can talk my way out ….. Pretty face gets a “pass”
- The average cop spends ½ of his lifetime in a patrol car waiting to mess with you
- The average cop starts off treating you like a criminal and displays psychological problems like anger, frustration, envy
- 30,000,000 Americans had police contact…… none of it pleasant
With all the information overload we have….. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION YOU CAN POSSES

Read what pre-release users have said:
• “Puts a wooden stake in the heart of criminal law confusion”

• “Reads faster than a Texas Preacher in a burning Church “

 “More legal silver- bullets than a vampire posse”

 “This app will put more lawyers out of work than an outbreak of civil rest”

- - “This lawyer needs to be shot...Out of cannon and into your iPad... BUY THIS APP!”

Posted On: November 17, 2010


Most of us are familiar with having a criminal record sealed or expunged. The process can take 3 to 6 months involves two court hearings and certified records obtained from The Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Most lawyers because of the work involved charge anywhere from 3 to 5 hours for the motions, letters, and court appearance at the hearings. Sealing and expunging has limited use today because so much of the information about our pasts is freely traded on the Internet. Having your record sealed and expunged in the courthouse is often never even found during background checks.

There is another method and it’s called administrative expunction. In many ways it is better than sealing and expunging because the net result is the record is administratively erased. Ask your South Florida criminal defense attorney to explain the distinction between an administrative expunction and a sealing and expunction.

Two years ago the law was amended to make it easier to obtain an administrative expunction. Previously you were required to obtain a letter from the police agency, which is often impossible to obtain. The amended statute permits the judge to enter an administrative expunction based on a finding that there was no basis for the arrest, or the arrest was a mistake. To have your record sealed and expunged requires only an application, but no proof of innocence; that is the critical distinction between sealing and expunging and administrative expungement.

Posted On: November 12, 2010

What are Miranda Warnings?

The landmark case known as Miranda is still controversial and may come under attack and review by the present United States Supreme Court. Several cases addressing the Miranda precedent are moving up to the United States Supreme Court, and our current Court has indicated that it is willing to reconsider Miranda and may change the law. The Miranda case stands as a beacon in the criminal law field; it is a light that underpins the perception of American justice as fair. If Miranda falls then so falls 50 years of American justice. It would be a grave misfortune for all Americans if Miranda is overturned. Why? Miranda is largely symbolic in the minds of Americans.. Miranda stands for the idea that the individual has the right to hold police accountable to follow the law. Prior to Miranda there was no remedy for police bullying. Prior to Miranda the constitutional rights Americans’ hold up as a light to the rest of the world had no real meaning. The fall of Miranda is more than just a step in the wrong direction it is and will be a step backwards where the individual has no effective way to make the State follow the constitution.

Posted On: November 4, 2010


Although the courts remain largely in denial, the science of analyzing your breath for the presence of ethyl alcohol marches forward. With apologies for the corruption of some good Shakespearean verse: my breath flies up my machines below, machines without science should not to court go. You can start with this: breath analysis devices currently in use are accurate plus or minus .01 in their reported reading. With the legal limit in most states down to.08 that kind of error is significant: almost 15%. It is also fact that the blood level associated with impairment is based on 50+ year-old scientific experiments, which were limited to male subjects. I may be the first lawyer in the world, if not in Florida, to take a female DUI client to the Supreme Court on a charge of sexual bias. If you have a DUI matter contact your South Florida criminal defense attorney or my office for more information about the current legal status of challenges to the breathalyzer and Intoxilizer machines.

Posted On: November 1, 2010

Money Laundering and Off Shore Banking News

UBS, the European banking giant has a problem with federal authorities in the U.S. Two individuals have been indicted and charged with avoiding taxes on funds deposited in an off shore UBS account. The bank is drawn in by allegations by federal prosecutors that the bank knew of the tax fraud and assisted by opening accounts and handling funds. Money laundering is always an uphill fight for federal prosecutors because of the political power banks wield in the Congress. Years ago Bankers Trust was targeted for assisting in the transfer of illegal funds from Russian sources and the matter was dropped. Noriega’s removal by force is another example of bankers and US armed forces uniting to thwart a takeover of money laundering for drug cartels.